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Indian Tadka Tiffin services are originated with an idea to bring the authenticity of home- cooked and healthy food in your platter. We craft delicious, nutritious meals, prepared from farm-fresh ingredients, herbs, and spices with high quality traditional homemade Indian food near to you.

Indian Tadka specializes in authentic and traditional meals, flavored with herbs & spices, veggies, lentils, delicious & healthy meals to serve locally We prepare meals at a certified kitchen while maintaining proper hygiene, ensuring nutritious & healthy dish. Get a variety of cuisine's, dishes, lentils, Veg Curry, chicken curry, cottage cheese simmered in delicately prepared veg sauce, Indian delicacies prepared in authentic style & much more.

Indian Tadka best defines the combination of freshly prepared home-cooked, with nutritious ingredients and value for money.

Food that is worth a try from Indian Tadka

Jackfruit Masala Curry | Dal Tadka or Lentils | Chicken Curry | Mix Vegetable | Rajma or Kidney Beans Masala Curry | Paneer Butter Masala | Hyderabadi Chicken Masala and many more. Relish the taste of amazing home cooked dishes.

Why Indian Tadka

Delicious & home cooked food

Food made in Indian traditional style, incorporating spices and herbs, tasty & healthy recipes from home kitchens in your platter.

Variety of veg & non Veg dishes

Indian Tadka Serves veg & non veg flavorful meals with delicious tastes.

Real Authentic Indian Taste

We offer variety of tempting food cooked in authentic style.

Nutrition based cooking

Cooking food in such a way that it maintains the nutritional value and is good for health too.

Easy ordering

We offer an easy ordering system, place a quick order and Delivery.

Management of Food Delivery & Logistics

Food delivery options at the destination facility is Available.

Taste the essence of Home Made Cooking Indian Style




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