Our Tadka Tiffin Meals Includes

Indian Tadka meal Includes 1 veg Curry , 1 Chicken Curry , 1 Dal or lentils , rice or Pulao & 2 chapattis

Veg Meal for 7.50

Non-Veg Meal for 8.50

Weekend Tadka Menu

We offer a variety of fresh Veg and Non-Veg meals , ready to be delivered on Friday's and Saturday's to make your weekend even better. Our weekend Tadka menu includes On our Non-Veg tadka meals Dal/ lentils tadka, Chicken Tadka Curry , Veg Curry , Rice & 2 x Chapatis On our Veg tadka meals.
* Options to pick extra portion.
* Meals cooked in medium spice but could be made hot or extra hot on request. To Check & Order this Week's Menu